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  Administration of our Centre

The Youth Training Centre at Cholankanda, managed by the Jesuits in Sri Lanka (The Jesuits are a Religious Body of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka constituted as an Approved Charitable Trust under Section 31(9) of the Inland Revenue Act.), is an educational institute where vocational training programmes are conducted for the underprivileged school drop-outs of the Estate  and Village Sector.  CYTC is recognized by the Social Service Department as a Non Governmental Organization (Ref. No. PASCO/5/17/07). It is also bearing the registered with Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (Reg.No P11/0014) and City & Guilds of UK  (Reg.No 844038) to offer C & G International Programmes in 6161 Construction Industry

It conducts trade courses such as Motor Mechanics, Electrical wiring, Electrician Power, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Auto AC and Computer Assistant, Computer Driving License, Cooker and Food and Beverage.

CYTC being a Jesuit Educational venture accepts trainees irrespective of cast, class, creed or gender. The  excellence is applied to all walks of the life in the Centre. The aim is the fullest possible development of Spiritual & Social dimension of the person leading  to the development of a sense of values and a commitment to the service of others which gives priority to the needs of the poor and the willingness to sacrifice self interest for the promotion of justice.


 About Late Rev. Fr Iannaconne (1915 - 2002)

Rev. Fr. Iannaconne was the founder of CYTC in 1992/93, since 1993 to 1999 he was worked as a Director of CYTC

An short Article published about our Founder                  by Ernesto Santucci sj.

Here Father Carmine Iannaccone carries his work. What strikes me is the personality of this Brother of mine. He is a eighty-three fervent Jesuit father, always careful to improve his Boys Town, the institute he manages, housing helpless young people, to whom he teaches to earn their own way of living.

He is mindful to manage the weak earnings, longing meanwhile , to satisfy the exigencies of the indigent families , boys and children. It is admirable to see this dear Father fighting resolute, kindled by the ardor arousing only by the Holy Spirit of our Lord. In Italy he would be an old age pensioner!

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